Being compelled to make art makes for a challenging but interesting ride. Why do I make art? Well, truthfully, because I once had a dream in which I encountered a cosmic oracle (in the form of a glowing ball of light) that informed me that painting would serve as the highest fulfillment of my terrestrial purpose. Whether this was in fact a visitation from some extra-dimensional higher being, or instead the complex machinery of my subconscious serving up some form of answer to the existential dilemma that consumed me then - how to make a fulfilling path in the disillusioning world of 21st century, late capitalist Western civilisation – is beside the point. I seek to engage art as a vehicle for transformation, a psychological catalyst to deeper truths about existence and reality. I consider art to be a peripheral territory, a frontier between known and unknown, a heterogeneous field of cultural reflection and critique. I’m concerned that art, under the dominion of the prevailing orthodoxy of free-market ideology, has become an occupied territory, rather than a refuge of free thought. The art-experience retaining its potential for psychological transformation, illumination, and transcendence is not merely an idiosyncrasy - it is a crucial point of resistance to art becoming a meaningless extension of commercial culture, lost in a sea of egotism, self-congratulation, and myriad banal concerns that do not reflect the potency of human experience. I hope this path I’ve chosen will lead, as per the glowing balls enunciation, to some higher truth. In the event that all of that is entirely delusional, well then I hope it’s fun.

Selected Recent Exhibitions/Residencies/Awards


2015 Solo Exhibition - Origami Unicorn, 30 Upstairs Gallery, Wellington, NZ

2014 Group Exhibition - New Graduate Works, Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland, NZ

2014 Group Exhibition - "Multipoint" Oravska Galeria, Dolný Kubín, Slovakia

2013 Recipient – Joe Raynes Scholarship (awarded to an Elam MFA candidate for excellence in painting)

2012 Selected Finalist - 21st Annual Wallace Art Awards

2012 Solo Exhibition - “Goodbye Arcadia” Satellite Gallery, Auckland

2012 Solo Exhibition - “Superluminal” Snake Pit Gallery, Auckland, NZ

2012 Group Exhibition - “Welcome” Satellite Gallery, Auckland, NZ

2010 Artist in Residence – Fundacjia Atelier, Warsaw, Poland

2010 Group exhibition – “Neukollner Kunstsalon”, Kranhalle, Alte Kindle Brauerei, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

2010 Group exhibition – “Solaris”, Kranhalle, Alte Kindle Brauerei, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

2010 Group exhibition – “Multipoint 2010” Galleria Univerzum, University of Constantin the Philosopher, Nitra, Slovakia

2010 Selcted participant – Multipoint Symposium, ARS Studio, Nitra, Slovakia

2010 Solo Exhibition - All In Between (Then and Now) J.J. Morgan & Co Gallery, Wellington, NZ

2009-2010 Artist in Residence - J.J. Morgan & Co Gallery, Wellington, NZ

2009 Group Exhibition
- “III”, Thistle Hall Gallery, Wellington, NZ



Julian completed a Master of Fine Arts Degree at Auckland University's Elam School of Fine Arts at the conclusion of 2014.



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